Management property

Our company offers a wide spectrum of estate services: - Mediation for the selling of real estate - Mediation for the renting of real estate - Consultancy in real estate - Administration of real estate - All other services regarding real estate upon agreement Have you bought real estate or have you invested but you do not have time for administration of real estate? If yes, you are at the right place. We will be glad to help you with reconstruction, arranging furniture, looking for a tenant, accommodating, cleaning, small repairs, settling the bills and all others activities connected with the administration of your real estate. We will be glad to meet you and negotiate all conditions. Our basic activities for administration of real estate are: - Organising of all acts regarding to estate administration starting with settling the invoices from the SPP (the Slovak Gas Company), ZSE (West-Slovakian Energetics), Cable TV etc., ending with execution and management of accounts as well as execution of accounts for separate services and periods for both landlord and tenant; - We see to the rental fee, that the tenant settles it in time or we collect it in cash; - Looking for a tenant; - We can supervise any reconstruction and repair works; - We help with arranging furniture and so on; - On the basis of power of representation we can act on behalf of you for all institutions (for example the City authority, UPC, post office etc.); - We assist at small repairs, urgent and accidental situations; - We arrange accommodation and termination of rent; - Cleaning of the flat after tenant’s leaving; - Helping tenant with copying of the keys, connecting to the cable TV, internet, telephone; - We can check the flat upon agreement to find out whether tenant uses it in accordance with the agreed conditions; - If needed we can help with the renting of a parking place or a garage; - All other activities upon agreement.